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Level Icons

2007-07-19 14:38:57 by Naois

Just for the fun of it, I recently uploaded a page with all of the new level icons (link removed). They really make the site feel much newer to me, as well as giving us new goals to strive for. My personal favorite would have to be the evil-aura level 45, but the level 60 is pretty damn cool as well.

There is now an offical NG level page.


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2007-08-03 10:19:45

How bad do you want us to leach off of your bandwidth?

Naois responds:

Now I'm not sure if you're actually asking that, or implying that I am leaching theirs. If it's the second one, I actually downloaded all of the picture files and then uploaded them to my own server specifically to not put strain on their servers, so it's not touching their files. If you're actually asking to leach mine, I'd prefer if you didn't.


2007-12-04 19:30:53

First link doesn't work.

How about that nuclear fusion?

Naois responds:

Of course the first link doesn't work, look at Update 3.


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